Developmental Delay/Visual Impairment/Sensory - The Morris Family Story.

In this story, you will find these topics discussed: activity-based assessment, child development, developmental regression, health impairments, sensory integration, and visual impairment.

Tom - 42 years old
Lydia - 40 years old
Thomas - 5 years old
Ricky - 26 months old

Lydia Tells Her Story
Tom Tells His Story
Early Intervention Specialist Speaks
The Morris Family Goals
The Morris Family Activity


Assessing Toddler Thought Through Play
Auditory Processing
Behavior Checklist for Possible Sensory Integration
Communication Cues
Develop Family Needs Survey
Developmental Stages: 25-36 Months
Gravitational Insecurities
Home Available Objects for Teaching Your Infant or Toddler
Mapping the Family's Supports and Services
Normal Visual Development
Testing Your Child's Vision
Temperamental Characteristics
isual Perception Disorders