Listen and Move - Develop Auditory Discrimination and Recall

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Listen and Move


Purpose: To develop auditory discrimination and recall.


Apparatus: None




1.     Give child several consecutive oral instructions requiring him to perform specific acts.

2.     Give the instructions clearly, and begin with no more than three steps I an instruction. For example, “Walk to the table, pick up the red book, and take it to the chair.”

3.     Continue to add instructions as the child is able to follow directions in the correct order and with no hesitation or confusion.

4.     Reverse the procedure, and have the child give you several consecutive orders. The child must be able to monitor the responses to see if the orders were carried out appropriately.

Aspects to be Emphasized:


1.     Make sure that the child does not talk while following instructions.

2.     If the child has difficulty following the instructions in the order given, ask him to say the instructions first, then carry them out.

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