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Prom Safety Tips

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Prom Night Safety Tips Advice for Parents & Teens

Prom night is probably the most anticipated night of the year for teens and the most dreaded for their parents. Most teens heading off to their prom will tell their parents that they know everything about drinking and driving, and their parents’ other concerns. However, according to safety experts, it takes more than talk to ensure a safe evening.


  • Get involved in planning your teen’s Prom night.
  • Talk to your teen in advance about how important it is not to ruin a great evening. Despite what they may say, teens want parents involved in their safety. Talk about what they should say or do in certain high-risk situations. Consider having a "contract" for the night, laying out the rules everyone agrees on.
  • Set out rules regarding post-Prom parties or other activities – with whom they will be, where, for how long and what they will be doing.
  • Get a complete itinerary for the evening, including names of other Prom-goers they will be with and phone numbers of their parents.
  • Set a curfew based on past behavior, but be reasonable. This is a special night. Have your teen call if there is a delay.
  • Send your teen a text message during the night telling them to have fun, but reminding them not to ruin a great time.
  • Limit the number of passengers – at most one other couple in the car.
  • Be on call for a ride home or other emergency.
  • Have a "no questions asked" (at least not that night) policy on getting home safely.
  • Join with other parents and rent a limo for them.
  • Be the chauffeur for the night, but don’t meddle. Rent a vintage car to make it more special.


  • Make an agreement with parents to not drink and drive, and not to ride with anyone else who is drinking.
  • Resist high-risk activities of all types.
  • To avoid tampering, do not leave your beverage unattended.
  • As a surprise, check in with your parents during the night. It will reassure them about how you are doing.
  • Always buckle up.


In short, follow your parent’s rules.

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