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Child Focus.

This workshop is for families with children and will give you techniques and ideas on how to better understand your children to create a stress-free household.


ABSTRACT: Personality research and early education curriculum show that in order to achieve optimal learning and reduce stress in young children, specific strategies, namely: (a) cooperation and mutual help, (b) accelerated play tasks, and (c) analysis of temperamental traits, promote successful personal-social and intellectual development in the early years. These strategies help caring adults work with children, who experience challenging behaviors.

Early childhood teachers and home educators who place a high priority on their ability to observe temperamental traits, in order to plan social and intellectual play activities for young children, rely less often on behavioral analysis of children's differences. This promotes an atmosphere of gentle teaching and cooperative helpfulness in both educational settings and homes.

The session will demonstrate and debate early education practices. Conversational dialogue between leader and participants will encourage participants to change from planning curriculum "for" children, to a system of being "with" children, helping them learn to be thinkers, speakers, writers and readers, with supervision from knowledgeable teachers and other adults.