Blogging with Dr. Susan


Blogging with Dr. Susan


China is amazingly huge!  “big” is not a word that describes the incredible breath and depth of the country.  Can you picture the Great Wall of China swarming with  80 thousand people on the day we visited?  many thousands more  in front of behind in  other locations along the wall which is  6,000 miles long……vistas of gret beauty and stone steps that require some downward gazing!  uphill and downhill, the walk was a walk,  not a climb!   It was impossible to get space to really hike or climb so we went with the flow ….a truly a breath-taking experience in every way…from babies in arms, to very  elderly and very young, carrying umbrellas against the sun,  carrying water and food, all of us  thrilled  to see the views from the many staging areas along the way.

Our access point was Beijing , majestic views to the north and so many  swarming people who, like us,  had to take a tram up the mountainous first elevations  to be sure we would even be able to  walk together, seven of us,  and savour the fact we were on the Great wall of China, seeing a masterpiece of  ancient laborious work ,  realizing the stones we stepped on and the walls we leaned against have been there for practical purposes, forever!   pictures to come along behind the brief blog….

my questions about China, treatment of families and more

Please go to my website for the full version of questions I will be asking of  Chinese business leaders, factory workers, families and children while on an immersion trip coming up this week. Basically I want to know about the treatment of girls and  women and the factory conditions and rural versus city rules for those who are working in conditions that are restricted to long absences away from family, with long separations, long hours.  I want to know about the treatment of girls and their eduction and then the big question….put out there by Economist Mag on their  front page,” What happened to 1 million baby girls in China?”   Wish me luck after the volcanic ash dumped on me. I am a bit more reserved about all this travel but I am excited too

Dr. Susan Turben