Blogging with Dr. Susan


Blogging with Dr. Susan

Blog regarding teacher misconductů.



Banner is:  teaching is not a dangerous profession! 

“ Men and women who teach are valued by parents and administrators by varying degrees ….this school and the teacher , shame on you!  You are not valued as a teacher and you have no backup!  Have you no training  in cases of student disruption? 

You do not know what the  administrative responses to mouthy kids and potentially volatile situations exactly is? 

You do not have a plan for assisting a  teacher who feels threatened?

No classroom phone to report a situation that needs attention?   When a situation evolves, teacher personnel and administrative personnel should have been trained!   

Here’s the drill….  The child is immediately isolated and stays with attendants or administrators  until parents arrive to resolve their child’s  situation!  End of story! 

Girls Gone Wild - Girls Fighting Girls

Recently on NBC's Today Show the topic came up about prosecutors everywhere getting more and more cases of girls fighting other girls.  One young girl actually was killed recently. Most are videotaped and dozens of bystanders egg these girls on.  After watching this link come back to my blog and tell me what you think? Click Here.

Kids do what they are taught and moms of  high school agers have developed critical ways of speaking to each other and their kids..... for example one mom told me yesterday that she argues with her daughter as a way of communicating and because she and her husband argue as a form of affection...she wasn't kidding!  I remind moms that this is a common way for girls and women to engage in a  sexual competition for the attention of males in their families and men friends...girls are catty and favor put-downs at most ages from 10 to 20 is far easier to criticize another member of your gender than to compliment someone but I guess it is time for moms of girls to give compliments and when it is necessary to criticize do it it with respect and if a mom doesn't respect herself she will not be very good at complimenting others anyway!  Teach your daughters to praise and compliment their friends and their lives will improve big time.

I'm Dr. Susan signing off...