Blogging with Dr. Susan


Blogging with Dr. Susan

Kids Developing helpful habits at home

“Providing children with responsibilities around the home are a necessity that sets the foundation for further personal development.  And good habits, such as cleaning and picking up around the home, have an even greater benefit on overall health and prevention of illness.”

“A clean environment acts as a stimulus for better intellectual and social development. And by having real responsibilities, children gain a sense of self-confidence, self-assurance and self-competence,” added Turben.

“If children are entrusted to work with useful and special equipment, such as household vacuums and certain small appliances, they learn to complete each task successfully and nurture their own pride and confidence.  This self-learning is called multi-sensory learning allowing children to develop their own unique sense of competence, using motor functions and intellectual and social skills, all at the same.

“Good habits require a lot of training, yet most of the children’s habits, values and beliefs tend to stem from those of their parents, “ commented Turben. “Children incorporate these habits by imitating and repeating what their parents do, including the tools and equipment they use. In fact, objects that toddlers see their parents using regularly, often become their chosen play toys.”

Understanding the needs of families today, such as the overall importance of having lightweight, easy-to-use household tools around the home, have become key elements of consideration in the design and development of new products at many top manufacturers. “Family time today is more limited than ever before,” comments Rick Farone, Dirt Devil’s Vice President of Product Development. “And while cleaning is a necessity in every home, people do not want to spend a lot of time on housework. That’s why Dirt Devil is so focused on developing upright vacuums and specialty home care products that are powerful, yet easy enough for anyone in the home to use, even children.

“By popular demand from parents and child care providers alike, Dirt Devil also manufactures toy-sized working replicas of our most popular products. This way kids of all ages can work side-by-side with mom or Dad and learn to ‘help out’ with the housework, while also acquiring valuable skills associated with role-playing and responsibility,” continued Farone.

In addition, children also develop a sense of value by being given various responsibilities. For example, if a child helps with the vacuuming of carpets and dusting of furniture, he or she will assign a greater value to those items. This generally applies to specific play areas when they’re young and transcends to other practical applications around the home or yard as they become young adults.

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