Blogging with Dr. Susan


Blogging with Dr. Susan

Personal Stories on Developmental Disabilities


As users of my child development site you have had several years to learn from me about Developmental Ability and Disability as I work with and report on parents and kids’ physical and mental problems from birth!  Thanks for spreading the word.  I hear from some of you and delight in the family stories so here comes more!

Be sure to tell others about this newest part of the site, and refer parents whose children have personality and discipline issues, attitudes, as well as behavior difficulties and school problems. 

This new section explores special personal stories of children from Northern Russia experiencing different types of disabilities from autism, cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment, poverty, unemployment, environments and serious to profound disabilities . 

I introduce you to each child, give my assessment and then recommend ways parents and teachers can help each child become a functioning member of society.  Want to know what works with different personalities? 

Want to raise and parent kids, starting with communication, family meetings and no need to do any yelling?  I teach families to set family rules, learn to listen and let everyone have a voice!  Some children need extra help in expressing themselves, they need to learn how to socially engage other children and develop their imaginations and learn how to think and respond in new ways.

At each visit to Russia, I see improvements as children are able to be placed in preschool, kindergartens, playing with others, exercising and getting to know sports, intellectual and fun games and activities. 

Susan helps families get on the right track! 

If you are a parent of a child with a disability, you will especially appreciate techniques I have found to be promising and helpful.

I know you will find this section of my website, inspiring, thought-provoking and educational.  Click here to begin your journey.