Blogging with Dr. Susan


Blogging with Dr. Susan

Misconduct Has No Meaning for Home-Schooled Kids

Teaching is not a dangerous profession for home schooled kids.  They are trained to recognize workloads, not abuse, student-adult  approval, not disruption, positive behavior, not watching the clock to leave!  Student leadership is a parent- child partnership. There is a plan for creativity and work expectations in all areas of study , privileges to accompany good behavior and problems to be solved without question.    

Children Are Born To Love


 Recently,  I have enjoyed a 1960’S website hit on my hands!   It is a photo of a family and me taken in the mid-sixties with whom I worked as a home trainer and teacher making home visits during the first decade of Head Start, when services for families whose lives were depressed by poverty, was at the top of the list of national legislative priorities!  (Go to my site and see)

                The family home and health  were compromised by asbestos poisoning , peeling paint, little heat, mice and rats, gas leaks, mom’s asthma, and extremely poor sleeping and eating conditions.  They had 6 living children, a son who had recently drowned, and a ten block area perimeter outside of which they rarely ventured.  They were isolated by disability, frustration and depression.  Then Head Start came along! 

                I was a home Head Start teacher.  It  was my job to help the family learn how to teach the children and improve conditions, through cleaning and playing teaching games and helping parents believe in their ability to teach their own kids. 

                Children, I showed them,  are born to love their caring parents,  to learn to love, move, think, talk and play!  Adults/parents/ caregivers/ friends and supporters love and play and are motivated to respond!  This is the language of love!   

                Do you think of your children this way?  Are you thinking of discipline as teaching your children how to love you and everybody else?  Are you popular with yours and other peoples kids and do you feel as if “parents are always the best teachers? ”