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Mrs. Suzie Kimberly Feels 'Home Educators' Needed

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Volunteer of the Week

By Donna George

Mrs. Newton (Suzie) Kimberly feels that if you aren't satisfied with the results of a given program, you should change that program to obtain better results. So she did.

Mrs. Kimberly is a volunteer at Trinity Institution. A while back she decided that the nursery school program was not meeting the needs of the community it was meant to serve.

She obtained permission from Trinity administration to conduct research in the area of "home education". The program has been successful that in the fall she will train 12 others to become home educators.

What is home education? "This is a program conducted in inner city homes with mothers and children," says Mrs. Kimberly. "It is designed to develop the intellectual capacity of the children and the mothers' sense of purpose and power over the child's success in school."

Working as Trinity's only home educator, Mrs. Kimberly has been conducting the program with four families. When the autumn training course is completed, some 24 additional families will be served by home education.

"I attempt to show the mother how to use household items and tasks to aid the child in language, social and emotional, manipulative, motor, and perceptual development," she says.

"The program is aimed to show the mother that she can play an important role in the development of these skills. It is family-life oriented and designed to strengthen the family unit."

Mrs. Kimberly, a resident of Delmar since 1964, says she has been active in volunteer work since her high school years.

A graduate of Bradford Junior College, she has long been active in Presbyterian church vacation schools and other youth activities. She is currently a Christian education consultant and she and her husband serve in an advisory capacity to the senior high groups of he First Presbyterian Church of Albany.

Mrs. Kimberly is the mother of two sons, aged 11 and 12, and eight year old daughter. All members of the family enjoy ice skating and Mrs Kimberly has passed along her interest in tennis to her 12-year old son, Tony.

Mrs. Kimberly's volunteer activities deal mostly with children, because as she says, "I think they are the strength of the country ad that our future lies with them. Every child deserves the best chance he can get.

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