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Guns - Whats Your Opinion

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    For your information and for the health of those around you, you need to know….

Susan says children are not suited for guns. Children (youth and adults) are impulsive and risk-takers. They do not listen. Guns are not needed to teach children responsibility.  If you have a gun, get rid of it.  If you don’t, good for you.

The NRA and other pro-gun establishments are pouring millions of dollars into games and contests to younger and younger children in an effort to ensure their futures.

In 2010 the NRA’s grants to youth groups grew to nearly $21 milllion – double what it gave out five years before. The industry has poured semi-automatic weapons into youth groups including Boy Scouts and National Guard camps. Websites are offering coupons for kids to support and encourage junior shooters.

Many psychiatrists agree putting a gun in the hands of a child is risky. 


What would you do if your neighbors 12 year old had a gun and a target in his backyard?

What would you do if your neighbor’s teen was diagnosed with a mental illness? They have guns in their home and you know it.

What would you do if your friends promote gun use and brag about it to you constantly?

What would you do if you went on a date and the man was carrying a concealed weapon?

What would you do if your neighbors were heavy drinkers and were constantly fighting for all the neighbors to hear (you know they own several guns)?                                   

Guns are for………………………………………………what do you think?

Ask Dr. Susan