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Teaching Values

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Dr. Susan:

I am a school-teacher and I was wondering if I should I teach values and attitudes in my class? Can it be incorporated into my curriculum?


Dear Sarah,

By virtue of your personal experience and training, you personally convey messages of value and attitude continually.  It is an essential job of a teacher to clearly articulate the style of your classroom, the basics of moral and ethical development as it effects each child.  There are excellent researchers in this area.  Robert Coles, Robert Sternberg, and other whose work can be found on the website database or in resource indexes at any college or university library.


Attitudes toward race, religion, ethnicity, economic groups, etc. are also found in a family’s “style” or home values and need to be respected.  Therefore, so your curriculum should be conversationally based and open ended, so children can feel safe openly expressing their beliefs.  Family Belief Systems is the name of a good 1995 text which will also help you

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