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Childhood - Side Bar on Global Reserach on Families and Work and the 1980 Legislative Family Privacy Act

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We are a global village of work lives, jobs and family, epidemic risk, in ways unimaginable two decades ago. In 1980, Ellen Galinsky and Joy Osofsky began their research…the range of options for children of middle childhood and adolescence is a cause for real concern. Juvenile Justice systems are looking for out of home care residential institutions for children, and a recent trend toward rethinking warehousing children in modern residential facilities, foster care out of home housing and abusive treatment of children inappropriate to be at the top of the priority list for.

Children’s health, welfare and education as priorities in any western or middle eastern country evaluated by the Packard Foundation, The Children’s Trust Fund, the Gates Foundation, or any of a long list of reputable research institutions, finds evidence that adult-centered societies are willing to develop weapons, use national force and spend natural resources for their preoccupation of goods, services, ignoring their children.

If nations across the globe are unconcerned, even to the point of ignoring their own generation of starving and poor children, if they intentionally violate human rights and refuse the passionate outreach of individuals like William Sloan Coffin, Mel Levin, Koffi Anun, Gandhi, and Robert Coles, it is unlikely that children’s lives will improve.

It is still hard for most parents to grasp that even babies in the gestational period singularly produce their own growth and development. Infants are not the passive blobs, attributed to them by the ancients and described by Charles Darwin in the “Origins of Species.” Our view of infants has come a long way.

Instead of passive dependent people, infants it turns out are rigorous researchers even in the womb. Happily, parents’ adopted Spock as someone from another kind of outer space- a pediatrician who was a pacifist, activist and listened to parents, or at least his homemaker wife heard what other mothers were talking about as they raised their children, largely without husbandly interest or help.

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