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Childhood - Designer Babies

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Designer infants in America, from conception!

How do babies get born? The old fashioned way? The way of cows, sheep and clones? Conception has been officially altered by newer and significantly altered scientific principles; still, some pregnancies are still created through coital intercourse. It may occur after many years of making money and buying many props that spec to a successful carefree life style.

At the top of the wish list is making money, obsessing and compulsing over how long to wait for a spouse or a child or a facsimile of with or after and later; fewer and fewer; yet, there is every reason to believe that child bearing can change and invent itself anew, as medicine and the “…ology” sciences work hard to redesign methods and environments to match families’ wish lists for propagating the future of the species.

Shouldn’t progress be made? At the cellular level of biology and chemistry, future human infants are bound to benefit from what is now observed, scanned, plotted, reduced, enlarged and enhanced by computers. In the future, when couples mate with the idea of pregnancy in mind, it will only require a few minutes of their post-coital time to obtain a written printout confirming a live fetus and a developmental map of the child’s vital signals and estimated progress through childhood: phenotype, genotype, personality inventory, growth and intake estimates and DNA charts (one for prenatal stage, one for every month in real life.

The next step is to scan (not read) the auditory version of the “neoguide” set of directions for the period before, during and after birth. The printed guide is already on a tiny surround-vision stage that travels with the couple as a kind of filter and which can only be seen by the persons registered to take this option with their medical team. Only when they have cleared security for their child, do they have to register with the state department.

Global registration is still a few years away, so this intermittent step assures the couple of citizenship all over the world for the duration of 125 yrs (life span in America is up to 115 years, so there is no reason to think everyone on earth wants this feature, but most Americans opt for their annual income level to remain one of the top 200 in the world).

The couple we describe here had previously decided to immediately activate a visual projection of the neo-scan printout as soon as they completed intercourse; it is common now days for couples to meet, greet and copulate without having any relationship that has involved touch until now. Sometimes this creates a problem if there is attraction between the two people. In this case, no such problem exists; this business transaction solves problems, rather than inventing them..

The visual neo-scan projection is a simple device imbedded in the sleeve of clothing worn by either person, or both; it's activated by simple eye movements and travels invisibly. The device resembles a very thin “patch” similar to the ones worn by earlier generations to stop smoking or to prevent pregnancy. The devices are useful for phoning, transmitting, receiving and transporting documents, real time objects of anything that can be pictorially depicted. Monthly fees are similar to wireless devices known fifty years ago. All scanning devices are registered (words like monitors, keyboards, radio, audio, TV, video, DVD and CD disappeared two generations ago). The hot products today have to do with startup companies that make simultaneous interactive systems integrating systems of movement (touch) into visual and auditory recreational and educational programs.

A global economy has no need for colleges and universities; in a certain sense, the term professor applies to everyone. Each person past the age of ten is their own tutor or coach. Some people apply the term professor to their given name and create a suffix that describes their age. So, for example, my name is Susan Professor topazturben. Instead of higher education, there are head and body bogs that simulate a classroom and instruction in any subject. No more references and journals and newspapers and magazines! Well almost none are left, because they were unprofitable for an economy that values many occupations and needs them all.

Since travel is so easy and immediate, the economy of scale lies in that industry; the one major new firm world-wide that comes to mind is Sybervoice Release Affiliates out of Africa. SRAA’s business is to coordinate and deploy two hundred million persons yearly in response to technical, industrial, environmental or existential projects in any country; there are only 6,000 countries left on earth. SRAA eradicated the AIDES epidemic more than fifteen years ago and gained world wide respect. Their industrial division team consists of elected Global Management officials. There are many other similar companies but this one stands out for its technical ability to educate then train a whole continent using the educational model described. Villages that mass teach- and mass-produce learning pogs, musically enhanced speech and universal language programs that allow people to speak and do two things at one time- one in reality time and the other in suspended time. Commuter rocket ships can now carry five people instead of only two, as they have done for two decades- slow progress there.

Today’s hot topics and travel and global systems literacy environmental transport and private sublet environmental words that reflect the positive possibilities of this technology). The individual directions examine developmental phenomena: Bodies, brains, brevity, longevity and the problems of childhood. Children actually do come with directions- chemical and biological directions, and you heard it first, straight from an evolutionary scientist who won’t budge in his commitment to the theoretical premise of natural selection, Stephen Jay Gould.

Charles Darwin in the mid 18th century observed birds on the islands of the Galapagos. He observed that physical changes coincided with other natural changes in air, water, temperature, other creatures, life cycles and more. The objects of his study were migrating bird species that lived there. Having the resources to make return trips, Darwin felt he was finding a pattern of change over time. Darwin’s research notes make these comments,” species change is far from accidental here; unbelievably, the birds seem to be able to adapt and change their habits, modify themselves, or in another manner of speaking, the birds have the capacity to produce their own development”.

Given that travel was so difficult and the expeditions were expensive to plan and execute, it is a test to the mental agility of Darwin and his colleagues that they could theorize based on relatively little scientific data. Today, millions of pieces of information would have been instantly collected, but it was not like that in 1849. A mind is indeed not to be contained or wasted, in the human species.

Sigmund Freud, out of favor during the later part of the 20th Century, unlike Piaget, was a therapist who treated mental problems in children and adults. He admitted that he was uncomfortable around children, but was a society doctor, who found favor with a large number of women and their children. In the early 20th century, the concept of child-based treatment was unheard of, as people generally regarded children as either miniature adults or passive creatures without brains enough to make any decisions for them. He preferred adults and was prone to long drawn-out conversations and what we refer to today as talk-therapy. -observer and, as his lessons have been learned by creative researchers ever since, debated, disguarded, but not forgotten. The big idea about which he wrote in his copious notes, of  for example, if wing tips carried a specific color that was easily spotted by larger birds, they would be captured and disappear, but they instead changed colors over 30 years, adapting to colors that blended in with the landscape. No longer prey for other species, they could move freely about, preying themselves on smaller water life.

Darwin draws this conclusion: change occurs, then, not as a random event or accident, but rather as a natural process, involving a total sensory involvement process of elements in the environment---all that is seen, heard, smelled, touched, or tasted.

Dr. E.O. Wilson, Harvard’s emeritus head of the department of epistemology at Harvard University, was gifted as a young child; extremely sensitive to everything in nature that surrounded around him, he suffered from visual and auditory complications and loss of some sight and hearing. As a curious and intelligent boy, he spent much of his time alone and at home, in his backyard. As he puts it, “I started out on a vast task- to collect every single specimen of the smallest creature I knew in my environment- ants. Collecting and sorting ants became his passion, every single ant was assigned a group into which it unceremoniously was deposited. Into classes or groups of like-species of ants. Consider the fetus in the womb, the baby in the birth canal, the Galapagos birds, how? Here’s a partial list of just some of the endless options I dreamed up to tempted Birds coexisted with other birds, specific adaptation to the environment and assimilation to change, as Piaget describes it, epistemologically. Piaget calls this process “development.” Development in and of itself has come under criticism for a very good reason, although all of us use the term constantly, we attach a broader meaning to it at this time. It is now challenged, since it implies a step-by-step accumulation of knowledge and sense data; imagine a bank that is constantly 24/7 receiving cash deposits and that condition or situation causes the bank to gather in more and more funds, every minute of every day for eternity. What would be the result? A process of growth and change (pardon the pun) through the process of maturation. Like bird species, the human species also produce their own development. This is an extremely important idea in the scheme of human and animal development.

When you hear GE and Verizon advertise their products, mottoizing, “it’s the process, not the product” that counts, they are suggesting a radical but seemingly provable theory that over the course of (preverbal) infancy (0-3years) very young children do what the array of most animal species have also been shown to do, they adapt to situations not of their own making and construct their expectations to match realities. For example, our human species is interesting to study in many domains; the most obvious domain is the physical one. In all matters of physicality and longevity and life cycle, it seems people are pretty much the same, evolving with the big brain problem. Varies less extremely physically than organisms like slugs that live in garbage dumps, earthworms, birds, ants or fish, it seems there are powers of recovery and spontaneity and what else? That drives the human organism.

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