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Susan Kimberly Turben is a pioneer in the early intervention field, receiving her first grant for the handicapped Children Early Education Program (HCEEP) in 1974.  She started the first infant stimulation program in the capital district of New York State, replicating Dr. Ira Gordon’s work at the University of Florida (Baby Learning Through Baby Play) and Dr. Betty Caldwell’s Syracuse University training model which trained paraprofessionals to work with disadvantaged parents and infants in both school and home settings.

Between 1974 and 1984, Dr. Turben designed, implemented and evaluated more than 10 programs designed to serve families with infants and toddlers, including programs that have received federal, state and local funds. She created the Stepping Stones Home Visitation and Curriculum project, Albany, New York, the United Labor Agency Branching Out Preschool and After-school Program, Painesville, Ohio and the Prevention-Intervention Program Model used by several Lake and Cuyahoga County agencies at the present time.

Dr. Turben wrote grants and received funding that enabled the Cleveland Sight Center to create a large-scale family-centered Children’s Services program. Dr. Turben worked for the Lake County Collaborative Group in 1988-89 as the consultant who prepared the County Needs Assessment and assisted the Collaborative in the preparation of the 1988-89 Early Intervention Collaborative Plan.

Dr. Turben was formerly an Assistant Professor of Education at John Carroll University from 1990-1995. She has taught Teacher Education and Early Childhood-Special Education courses, and supervised masters and post-baccalaureate programs that lead to the PreK and Early Education of Handicapped Children validations. She does research concerning the effectiveness of home visits with families in low income neighborhoods, as well as parent involvement in the classroom, under the auspices of he Cleveland-based Institute for Educational Renewal.

Dr. Susan H. Turben is president of Turben Developmental Services, a firm which provides child development and parenting services for adults and their young children. She specializes in family advocacy, developing community affiliations for families and acting as a liaison among agencies, schools, and neighborhood resources, in order to facilitate inclusive, innovative and transitional planning for young children and their families.

Dr. Turben has produced successful collaborations among schools, agencies and families in consultation with the Mentor, Madison, Beachwood, Brecksville, Brooklyn and Cleveland City school systems, locally, and others around the Columbus, Warren and Youngstown areas. She has extensive experience in providing educational parent-professional training services nationwide. She conducts more than 30 state and regional workshops each year, and presents parent involvement, research at national conferences.

Dr. Turben is an invited keynote speaker at parent and family meetings, ranging from the Ohio Association for Parents of Visually-Impaired Children and Upside of Down’s, to a variety of workshops arranged by parents of children with learning disabilities, Williams Syndrome, Engelman’s Syndrome and multiple handicaps.

Dr. Turben specialized in teaching families, teachers and agency service providers two instructional models, Multi-Sensory Integrated Curriculum and Collaborative Consultation, both of which are becoming the assessment, inclusion and intervention standards of the 90’s. She has successfully demonstrated that these strategies develop the attitudes, values and skills parents and teachers need to have  (and use), in order to successfully guide and assist families in achieving full participation in educational settings and all aspects of community life.

Dr. Turben has published educational curricula for the Institute for Human Services, Columbus, Ohio and the Family Health Association of Beechbrook, and publishes The Good Information Child Development Video Series. These family-centered video tapes are used by families and professionals in such diverse settings as homes, community libraries, clinics, parent support groups, juvenile court and other settings where knowledge of practices for strengthening family life are increasingly being required.

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