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Feeding Schedule

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Dear Susan:

Thank you so much for your good advice. However, I do have one more question regarding your advice to put him on a schedule. Could you give me a “typical” schedule format for me to go by. I realize that a schedule should be accommodated to fit his personality, etc. but a general outline of sorts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Dear Carey:

Generally, do not bother calling it a schedule, just call it:”

  1. Stretching the time between feedings, especially at night.
  2. Creating more activity during high alert wakeful periods.
  3. Cuddling, bathing, massaging, and soothing at low alert or fussy times and most importantly, recognizing your baby’s need to self-regulate himself and to be more able to calm himself, play, hand objects and to respond to “people”. By now, he is an expert at locating you and enjoying a large number of toys that he can see , hear, smell, taste, touch, etc.

He is a real little personality now - you can recognize some traits that define who he is, and not “what a baby does”. Activity level? High or low? Moody? Persistent or not interested? More visual than auditory? More “Touchy-feely” than visual? His personality and how he views the world is coming through. So do not worry about the exact same schedule every day – just a general plan for the days, so he begins to organize himself into that plan.

Have fun and thanks for writing,

Susan H. Turben, Ph.D.

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