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Its time for bed!

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All that is needed is patience and time.  Toddlers and babies are designed with a natural tendency to cry to get what they want and move constantly and I do mean infants move every muscle every day every time every way!  


This is a good thing, so take advantage of it and do lots of floor play, cuddling and walking and talking and carrying on as if this was the only infant in the world… every minute of every day…and night too!    Happy babies want attention!  


Fretful babies are no different than we are as adults!  They want to be in charge and they want attention, so give it to them!   Expose them to the sights and sounds around them…they make their own sounds and they react to those changes of air and temperature, sounds and sights! 


And, OH YES, babies need to be put to bed and aroused ON PURPOSE AND ON TIME so that there is consistence and constancy and WELL YOU GET THE POINT!  Routinely and generally with lots of language and singing and humming whenever the infant is fussy or wants a change of position! 


CARRY Infants FROM Place TO PLACE SO THEY SEE AND HEAR AND FEEL the differences in air and light and temperature…    Every day sit on the floor and play ….the floor is important with the infant and rock and talk and talk and rock and talk that it is possible s atrarterin a t three month think in and out of the womb.  Every muscle and every nerve endow babies and toddlers with lots of energy and nothing but time on their hands!  


Walking around with a baby in your arms is a necessity! Vary the play and change the play and exercises and activities of constant movement ………it is hard to get parents to learn to move consonantly and exercise their infants

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