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Developmental Stages Five Months

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Social and Emotional

            Discriminates between familiar vs. unfamiliar persons
            Negatively responds to strangers
            Expresses concern with non-familiar things


            Babbling continues
            Imitates own sounds
            Breathes heavily, excited in play
            Mouth can imitate sounds and inflections
            Coos to express pleasure
            Vocalizes socially
            Imitates conversations

Fine Motor

            Voluntary grasp
            Holds bottle (begins to)
            Puts hands to mouth on back
            Repeatedly puts objects in mouth
            Uses bilateral hand approach, thumb not used
            Regards toy in hand
            Reaches for toy if dropped within reach


            Horizontal regard changes to vertical regard
            More visual interest in distance
            Ability to see small detail
            Fair to good control of eye muscles
            Recognition of familiar objects
            Looks after toy if dropped

            Understands sounds in environment

            Becomes interested in causing action
            Puts both hands up to toy when on back

  Gross Motor
             In sitting posture, puts toy in mouth
            No head lag when pulls to sitting
            Gross sitting, leaning on both hands for balance
            Beginning crawling – ATN gone
            Head steady when set forward in sitting position
            Can bear weight in standing position if chest held under arms, extends legs
            Symmetrical movement
            Legs passive – standing
            Head lift 90 degrees
            Pulls hips and knees to chest, fully flexed, palms on shoulders, fingers   
            Flexes forearms

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