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Developmental Stages Four Months

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Social and Emotional

            May smile on social approach
            Emergence of personality traits, i.e. dislike of certain routine or position


            Repeats sound chains 4-5 syllables (ba-ba-ba)
            Laughs out loud
            Comfort sighs
            Cry changes with bodily state
            Begins to vocalize socially

Fine Motor

            Grasp reflex waning
            Placing reaction in upper limbs
            Grasps toy if toy touches hand
            Reaches toy when dropped within reach
            Brings hands together to midline and plays with fingers
            Holds fists open



            Searches for sound with eyes
            Fixiates on sound with eyes
            Looks at hand
            Active inspection of environment and objects
            Shifts regard from object to hand and back to object
            Complete horizontal regard


            Turns head to sound
            Attends to human voice
            Recognizes mother’s voice
            Possible recognition of strange vs. familiar sounds


            Mouths objects
            Body awareness
            Localization of sensation
            Moves body at sight of toy if dangled

Gross Motor

            Midline syndrome is gone
            Free rotation of head, arms move freely
            Pulls to sit when hands held
            Kicks when supine or prone
            Head holds position in supine
            Neck righting
            Moro gone
            Asymmetric al A-tonic (ATN) neck reflex
            Swimming in prone
            Prone bilateral upward extension of legs; back arches
            Rolls both ways
            Pushes whole chest off bed
            Waves arms
            Symmetrical postures predominate
            Slight head lage with gross sitting
            Holds head 90 degrees prone on abdomen
            Falls sideways – arms flexed, spine extends, arch of body and toes

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