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Keeping Infants Warm

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Dear Susan:

My granddaughter is 2 months old. Is it dangerous to take a baby out into the wind or have air blown in her face? I have heard that it can take their breath way. I’d appreciate hearing your answer. Thank you.


Dear Miriam:

Infants’ faces should always be protected against cold and wind. Indoors, drafts and open window areas are also to be avoided, if the baby is in the direct path of the cold air. Infants need to be swaddled and wrapped quite snuggly and a cap kept on the infant’s head all the time during the early weeks of life. Two-three months of age is a very peaceful (except when hungry!) time for most infants if they are kept warm. This is done more effectively by body heat (holding babies often and closely) and being sure their heads and feet are always protected, even indoors.

Be sure to put the baby in a side position with a rolled up towel at her back or on her back for sleeping. Change her position often and carry her in your arms at a close proximity to your face and chest. Babies like the smell and feel of the human face and chest and can feel comforted by your heartbeat, singing softly, and quiet talking. There is a profile of 0-2 months under Parenting Solutions/Infant Development.

Thanks for writing. Be sure and visit our site regularly. Information and new articles are being added on a regular basis.


Susan H. Turben, Ph.D.

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