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Let me Introduce Myself: My Development in Infancy

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0-16 Weeks Old

  • I have reflexive random behaviors and no pattern of sleeping and walking
  • I use all 12 oculomotor muscles to see and watch and stare
  • I use my eyes, ears, mouth and hands most of the time
  • I learn rapidly to regulate my oral respiratory organs
  • My head lags, my neck lifts and stretches and my arms and legs are jerky
  • I have a midline down the center of my body and my hands and eyes pass the midline after  few weeks
  • I am good at tracking, gazing, staring, blinking, burping and crying
  • I recognize familiar persons and smile, coo, even laugh
  • I snuggle and sleep lightly then deeply, eating every few hours, staring and listening even when my parents think I am sleeping

16-34 Weeks Old

  • My upper body is solid when I am picked up and I roll on my back and once in a while flip over; my fingers go into my mouth,
  • I am awake more of the day, but sleep deeply and then startle as I awaken
  • I hold my head upwards and raise up my chest when I am lying on my stomach
  • My arms are loose and I start to reach for toys and familiar people and I learn to hold objects in the palm (a palmar grasp)
  • I use both sides of my body, kicking, moving vigorously, rocking forward
  • I know when I am hungry, wet, tired or uncomfortable
  • I hunger for touch as well as talk and being with other people
  • I am aware of smell, taste, touch, sight, sound and movement and I use them all to feel comfortable, loved and alive…oh, yes I talk; you know it is “Crying”

34-48 Weeks Old

  • I work every waking moment on my body building skills
  • I am learning to sit alone and eat larger amounts of milk and ten foods
  • Sometimes I fall flat and crawl with help
  • I stand and bear weight
  • I use my whole arm, hands and fingers with good control, picking up small objects, touching things I should not touch
  • My verbal skills are a combination of babble, self-chatter, and many sounds are made up of vowels, plus g,d,b and the occasional Ma, Da, ga, ttttt
  • I laugh and talk to people, smiling, screeching and anything else to get attention
  • My fingers poke at holes, and I can pinch things, pull hair and poke and I notice when my loved ones leave me; I even may cry to get then to come back
  • I am a mover and a shaker, crawler and an explorer
  • My sturdy legs and feet are fully under control
  • I alternate my legs and arms, cruise, walk supported and use several real words

48-52 Weeks Old

  • I love hide and seek, trial and error and the pursuit of all objects that I can see and hear and touch and taste
  • I obey simple directions
  • I cannot share
  • My muscles and nerve endings are becoming more useful and complete
  • I am a runner, a swaggerer, a puller and pusher, a builder and a destroyer!
  • I build towers of 2-3 blocks and knock them down
  • I say 2-3 words together, like “all gone”
  • I have achieved personal status in life
  • I advance bravely and then retreat to the security of my parents
  • I have an idea every second and I act on every one
  • My words are replacing actions, like saying “bye-bye”
  • My memory is fine thank you!
  • On a good day, I may even cooperate with my parents and try to pull on my pants
  • On a very good day, I copy or trace with a crayon and scribble
  • Life is good see ya later!
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