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I Bet You Thought You Knew Everything About infant Development

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Can you guess the age by weeks or months?

Here is Test #1 (answers are below each section)

  1. Can pick up one small toy (about one inch in size) in one hand and then pick up a second one with his other hand without dropping the first.
  2. Can hold his/her head steady when you support him in a sitting position.
  3. Lying on his/her back can grab his own foot.
  4. Stand and support his full weight if you hold his hands at shoulder length out in front of him to balance him?
  5. Can sit up straight for more than 10 minutes without leaning on his hands for support when you place him on a hard surface such as the floor.
  6. Can roll from his back to his abdomen and get both arms out from under himself.
  7. When lying on his/her back, can lift his head off the bed as though trying to sit up


  1. 13 weeks
  2. 2 weeks
  3. 14 weeks
  4. 5 1/2 months
  5. 14 weeks
  6. 14 weeks
  7. 5 1/2 months

Test #2

  1. Will fall "flat on his face" if he loses his balance while walking alone without holding on to anything?
  2. Can get up in the middle of the floor and walk alone, without having to pull himself up on something first.
  3. Can hold on to furniture or his/her crib rail and walk around it.
  4. Will move forward while up on his hands and knees.
  5. Walk if you old both of his/her hands to balance him but without helping him to support his weight.
  6. Will walk only when you hold one hand.


  1. Never
  2. 12 months
  3. 7 1/2 months
  4. 16 weeks
  5. 7 1/2 months
  6. 8 1/2 months

Test #3

  1. Will walk on tiptoe in imitation of your doing it.
  2. Scratch and clutch at his clothes
  3. Fall very little when walking.
  4. Walk upstairs by himself if he holds on to the railing or wall.
  5. Walk downstairs if you hold one hand.
  6. Run well and stop himself without having to run into a wall or piece of furniture?
  7. Kick a ball with a good leg motion and without holding on just if you ask him to, without demonstrating first.
  8. Try to stand on one foot without holding on for support


  1. 27 months
  2. 6 months
  3. 13 months
  4. 18 months
  5. 18 months
  6. 18 months
  7. 27 months
  8. 23 months

Test #4

  1. Can put his/her hand over a pea-sized crumb, move his arm and try to get it by raking at it with all of his fingers?
  2. Pick up a small toy (one inch in size) with the ends of his fingers?
  3. Put a small toy down and take his/her hand off of it, not just drop it.
  4. Help you turn the pages of a book.
  5. Pile 3 or 4 small toys on top of each other (block, or boxes).
  6. Turn pages of book or magazine two or three at a time.


  1. 7 months
  2. 11 months
  3. 10 months
  4. 18 months
  5. 22 months
  6. 2 years

Test #5

  1. Hold a pencil or crayon with his fingers the way an adult does.
  2. Smile at himself when you put him close to a large mirror.
  3. Put both hands on his/her bottle when you feeding him/her.
  4. When lying on his/her back can put foot in his/her mouth.
  5. Bite and chew on his toys not just lick them.
  6. Feed himself a cracker, taking definite bites until it is pretty well finished.
  7. Play any games like "pat-a-cake, "peek-a-boo", "so big", or "bye-bye" in imitation of you after you do them first


  1. 2 years
  2. 4-5 months
  3. 6 months
  4. 10 weeks
  5. 16 weeks
  6. 5 months
  7. 6 months

Test #6

  1. Reach into a mirror for the image of a toy he is holding when you put him close to a large mirror.
  2. Help when you dress him/her by pushing his/her arm through the sleeve or holding his/her feet up for a shoe or his/her diaper.
  3. Play ball with you, using a small throwing movement to throw the ball toward you.
  4. Leave his/her dish on the tray when you are feeding him/her, not throw it off.
  5. Pull a toy on a string after him/her as they walk or crawl around the house.
  6. Handle a cup well and put it down when finished.
  7. Dress himself/herself a little; for example, put on a hat or pull up pants.
  8. Get the spoon to his/her mouth right side up when feeding themselves
  9. Tell you when they have to go to the bathroom
  10. Push a doll carriage or wagon with good steering and be able to back out if he/she gets stuck.


  1. 5 months
  2. 7 months
  3. 5 1/2 months
  4. 8 months
  5. 9 months
  6. 9 months
  7. 2 years
  8. 12 months
  9. 19 months
  10. 2 1/2 years
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