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Let Me Introduce Myself 0 to 2 Months

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newbornThis is my birthday, and I do mean birthday! It may seem a little early to be talking, but being the ambitious type, I want to tell you about what to expect during my first two months of life - with a little help from Susan Turben, who knows a lot about how babies grow and develop.

First of all, I am a very competent infant. So, I had better describe, in detail, my experiences to you so that you can appreciate me and enjoy all my talents and abilities.

  • I use my mouth and eyes mostly, at first.
  • I constantly stretch and use my reflexes.
  • I am a social person, and I want to be included, even when my eyes are closed. I'm really not asleep all the time.
  • I am actually using language, mostly grunts, groans, cries, and other appealing sounds.
  • I have a lot of emotional energy. I love my Mom and Dad and can already snuggle with them better than with anyone else.
  • My motor development is how I express my physical energy and how I use my senses and that's how I think. I think through my senses.

At first, I'll talk about my mouth and eyes. If you, Mom, think that my being born was strenuous for you, remember that it was not too easy for me, either! So, if I act somewhat like a suction pump for a while, and exercise my lungs by crying, and keep my eyes shut most of the time (after all, I am not used to all levels of light) - you can not blame me.

By about three weeks of age, I control my tongue better, open my lips at the corners, and do a far more subtle job of swallowing. By four weeks, I am able to introduce pauses into my nursing; this is primarily for the purpose of looking around! You see, I'd never had much to look at before.

Then, too, my basic ability to use my eyes develops right away. If only my legs and arms would just develop as rapidly as my eyes, I could lead an even more interesting life. My parents are making sure that I have a rich variety of things to look at. I already show some preferences which, of course, they take note of.

By six weeks, there are some hyper-stimuli in my life; that is, things I can't help looking at. Moving objects are the most common of these. I love noisy, moving toys, but not too loud. That way, I really pay attention. It is a lot better to learn to do that now, then waiting until I go to school. So, Mom and Dad, try giving me different objects in different positions so that you can find out what I consider to be hyper-stimuli. This helps you find out a few things about how you can calm me down when I get rowdy.

Can you believe how rapidly my eyes develop? My pupillary reflex was well established by the middle of the second day. I have a preference for red and orange colors. I love all levels of light and bright colors, but guess what my favorite thing to look at is? It is my Mom and Dad's faces. They are so entertaining with all those hugs and smiles and funny expressions on their faces.

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