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Sense of Sound - Newborn

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Crumple paper and let the child hear the sound. When outdoors in autumn, crumple leaves. When you play on the floor with him or when he is in bed, shake a rattle a little to his right but behind him. Repeat on his left and behind his head. Say nursery rhymes as you march around the room carrying him.
Put a lightweight rattle in the child's hands so he can hear a sound when his hands move.
Talk and sing while cuddling him.
Talk to the child from different places in the room. See if he hears and follows with his eyes. If he does both, it shows signs of beginning coordination of sound and visual image.
Ring a bell occasionally from different parts of the room.
Sing to the child or say a rhyme.
Let a radio or DVD player play in the room for a while.
Tie a little bell on each bootie. He will hear the sound as he moves his legs.
Give the child a soft squeaky toy to stimulate hearing.
Give him blocks with bells inside to play with.
Let him shake a rattle, rustle tissue paper, or aluminum foil, tear paper, and crumble dry leaves.
Give him a ell on a stick to shake.
Ask him, "Where's Mommy's ear?" Show him and then see if he can show you.
See if he bounces to music from a radio.
Let him beat a toy drum
Let eh child listen to the clock tick, say "Tick tock" and move your head from side to side in rhythm.
Dance to music while you hold the child.
Make sounds in different parts of the room, when he is not looking.
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