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Sense of Sight - Newborn

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Hang bright objects from the side of the crib; hang bright objects across the crib; hang a mobile across the crib.
While he is on his back, show him a toy when he is not looking at his hands and see if he reaches for it.
Attach a balloon to his writs with a string so that he can watch it.
Move a small flashlight in front of the child slowly, in a 180 degree arc. See if he can follow it with his eyes.
Us a toy in the same manner as the flashlight.
Allow the toy to disappear from his line of vision and then to reappear.
Move his hands in front of his face so that he can see his hands and their movement. Pt his hands together in front of his eyes and then pull them apart.
Drop a small block on the table and see if the child will reach for it.
Play peek-a-boo with toys. Let things appear and disappear.
Cover his eyes with his own hands so that he learns to play peek-a-boo. Say "peek-a-boo" as you take his hands away from his eyes.
Place a device over the crib that reacts when the child grabs parts - He learns cause-effect relationships and learns to "solve problems".
Give him a mirror so he can see his own image.
Help him to develop eye-hand coordination by encouraging him to change a toy from one hand to another.
Give him empty boxes, jar lids, soap wrappers, cellophane, and clean rags to feel, bang and look at.
Stack blocks, then gibe him some blacks to play with and see if he will start stacking, demonstrate.
Give the child a crayon and a sheet of paper. Show him how to scribble. If he doesn't understand, take them away and try a few weeks later.
Play "Where's the baby?" Look for him when he hides behind a table or chair.
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