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Sense of Touch - Newborn

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Rub parts of the child's body with soft silk or a feather. Name parts of the body as you rub.
Repeat with a terry cloth so that he feel a contrasting texture.
Give the child a soft plastic "clutch ball: to grasp and let go of.
Give him a clean spoon to hold and put in his mouth.
Give him a large plastic ring to feel.
Massage the baby's body and shift his position every once in a while.
While the baby is on his back, move his arms over his head and back to place.
While he is on his back, put the infants legs up to a knee-bend and back to place.
While he is on his stomach, push gently against his feet.
Give the child a small soft rag doll to clutch, release and feel.
Give him things of different textures to touch. While on his back, put a toy near his hand when he is looking at his hand.
Present vibrating objects to the child to touch.
Place a device over the crib that reacts when the child grabs parts - He learns cause-effect relationships and learns to "solve problems".
Let him shake a rattle, rustle tissue paper, or aluminum foil, tear paper and crumble dry leaves.
Give him a bell on a stick to shake.
Give him a large plastic ball when he is on the floor. He will push it easily and then creep after it.
Let him crawl on different surfaces, such as carpets, floors, beds, pillows, etc.
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