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There is new hope and help solving the infant colic or irritable baby syndrome problem; now that parents are helping each other come to sensible conclusions!  Here are the thoughts of a small sample of families on-line and their willingness to say what they think about infant colic and the early stages of waking and sleeping, crying and moving… both infants and parents have learned a lot and there is more research to come!

The big idea parents want to share is …….that carrying and colic are natural and compelling companions! 

            So they suggest and so do I, that soothing an infant is accomplished by carrying, humming (singing) and tightly holding touching the infant in arms, but not in swings or automatic motor-driven devices.   Carrying pouches, in front of the mother or father’s body where smells are strongest, is comforting.  The infant body and brain adapt within hours to strong vibrations transmitted through parent’s breath and sounds.  

            Startles, blinks, smiles, sucks, hiccups and involuntary body jerks are means of infant communication and are considered vital arousal patterns in newborn babies.  In this way, infants react positively to changes of air, light, temperature, touch, smells and sounds that arouse adults to their needs. 

Nice job parents ….I guess their remarks show that above all …Infants are demanding consumers! 

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