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Perceptual Cognitive Development - 18 to 24 Months

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  • Finds an object after it is hidden in one place and then another; looks in last hiding place first and retraces course of earlier moves.
  • Watches the course of a small ball, such as a tennis ball; will go and get it.
  • Shows understanding of a potential problem; righting a carton of milk before it falls over, for example.
  • No longer takes toys to mouth.
  • When presented with a variety of objects will look for and put in place those that go together; will use objects in appropriate sequences.
  • Puts cup on saucer, looks for spoon, finds it, pretends to stir; then sips.
  • Puts doll in cradle, finds blanket, covers doll, rocks doll.
  • Places 10 small blocks in a container.
  • Places 6 square pegs in peg board.
  • Builds tower of 4 to 6 small blocks.
  • Knows where familiar persons should be; notes their absence.
  • Tries to make mechanical toys work without a demonstration.
  • Echoes significant, or the last words, that were spoken by someone else.
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