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How Children Think

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Perceptual Area of Development


How Children learn to think

A.     The process of learning to think, is learned involuntarily in infancy.

a.     Without thought

b.     Passively

c.     Powerlessly

d.     Dependently

e.     Without awareness

f.      “what happens, happens”

B.     Passive responses become active ones; involuntary body movements become voluntary; auditory, visual and tactile sense experiences are stored up, computed.

a.     Baby integrates his information

b.     Baby coordinates sights, sounds, touches

C.     Awareness causes effects on objects and actions.

a.     Baby begins to perceive, to take notice, to observe, detect, to experience

b.     Baby reacts to changes in his environment

c.     Learned actions and objects are applied and used; new actions are tried.

i.     Baby acquires new patterns and schemes through experimentation and trial
ii.    Baby makes mental pictures of learned information

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