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Perceptual Cognitive Development - 12 to 18 Months

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Enjoys object hiding activities:

Early in this period the child always searches in the same location for a hidden object (if child has watched the hiding of the object).

Later in this period, the child will search in several locations; (again, only if child has watched the hiding of the object.)

  • Passes toy to hand on other side of midline (center of the body) when offered a second object or toy.
  • Manages 3 to 4 objects by setting an object aside (on lap or floor) when presented with a new toy.
  • Seldom puts toys in mouth
  • Enjoys looking at pictures in books.
  • Demonstrates understanding of functional relationships (objects that belong together):
  • Puts spoon in bowl and then uses spoon as in eating
  • Places cup on saucer and sips from cup.
  • Tries to make doll stand up
  • Shows or offers toy for another person to look at.
  • Names everyday objects.
  • Places nine small blocks in a container.
  • Puts all pegs in a six-peg board (large pegs).
  • Puts small item (raisin, Cheerio) in and dumps it out of a bottle.
  • Places 3 geometric shapes in large form board.
  • Makes balanced tower of 3 small blocks.
  • Attempts to activate mechanical objects if child has seen someone else make them work.
  • Responds with some facial movement but cannot truly imitate facial expressions.
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