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Body Brain Connection 1 to 5 Months

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Chronological Age

Gross Motor Development

Hand Function
Dressing and Feeding


1 Month

Arms & legs bent & apart
Head to one side
Hands fisted
Pulled to sit, head lags

Puts one hand to mouth

Hands close on contact

Hand can be pried open to hold an object, but only fleetingly

Not well developed at this time.

Follows dangling object only to midline.

Blinks to light & sound.

2 Months

On back:

Legs less bent
Reciprocal kicking


Head moves to erect position more frequently.

Holds a toy briefly if placed in hand
Grasp is performed with palm facing down.

Begins to follow an object past midline.

3 Months

Head is held erect more frequently in all positions.

On stomach:

Gets up on forearms

Head is lifted up to look forward

Hips are more straight, but knees remain bent.

In standing:

Takes weight briefly

Hands are closed loosely.

Holds toy and looks at it briefly.

Pulls at clothes (automatically)

Range of vision is now 180 degrees.

Color vision develops at 3-5 months.

4 Months

On stomach:
Legs are straight
Props upon elbows with one arm straight.

Rolls side to back

Hand is more open.
Child brings hands to mouth.
Uses both hands equally.

Pulls clothing over face.

Arms move at sight of a toy

5 Months

On stomach:

Draws up knees trying to crawl.

Upon elbows, reaches for toy.

On back:

Lifts head.

Pats a bottle

Puts object to mouth but still cannot grasp it.

Scratches and swipes at objects.


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