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Intellectual and Emotional Development 0 - 3 Years

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0-3 Year Olds

Children think differently than adults. They learn about people, places, and things through actions. Each action brings new notions into a child’s mind about what he does. He takes that information in, transforms it into mental images and therefore learns to think through his mental activity as well as his physical activity.

Children think concretely about people, places, and things – real objects. Children think all the time; the mind is constantly, acting, reacting, and continuously reinventing images about objects (people).

Intellectual development is a continuous, orderly sequential process through life.

In the sensory motor period an infant uses reflexes and oral regulation. Their actions and imitations cause and affect their learning. They begin the coordination of their eyes, hands and mouth. Their language emerges. Mental pictures replace some motor activities. Words also replace some activities. The child becomes curious, cognitive mapping style and creativity.

At the preoperational stage children’s words and ideas merge. Their memory begins to improve. They may have regression acceleration in acts or oppositional behavior. They begin to use their imagination about dreams and fears. Conversation principles and object classifications develop. Cooperation improves. They become industrious and their actions show purposefulness.

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