Communication Techniques for Accelerating Development and Reducing Stress

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  • I saw you..
  • I am very sure you...
  • I noticed you.


  • What is the situation here?
  • What happened here?
  • It looks like somthing happened...

Promotes Thinking:

  • Let's talk about it
  • Let's write it down
  • Stop, sit down and think
  • You have a can... by yourself or if you need help, ask me

Does Not Promote Thinking:

  • I told you to...
  • Listen to me once and for all
  • If you ever...
  • Never do that again
  • Don't you dare...
  • What did you do that for?

Talking Positively

  • No, it's not okay
  • It's not good, it's a problem we have to fix
  • What can you do to fix it?
  • Yes, you can. If you need help, ask...
  • I can't talk to you now, until you calm down, but we must talk

Talking Negatively:

  • You make me sick
  • You're a bad boy/girl
  • You're going to get punished
  • You'll never get to go to...
  • You get out of my sight, before I...

Promotes Behavior Changes (identifying):

  • Offering prompts and reminders
  • Identifying short term consequences
  • Practicing good behavior with your child - rehearse!
  • Modeling what bad behavior looks like
  • Taking turns talking and listening
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