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Milestones of Development

Milestones of Development 6 Years

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This is how you as a parent can make your child smarter.

Area of Development Skill Level
Eyes Eyes not yet mature, tendency toward farsightedness
Eyes Scans
Hands Inept at activities using small muscles
Hands Left-right identity
Hands Print name
Hands Rips, tears, pastes
Hands Ties shoelaces
Hands Uses tools, pencils, scissors, but may need help
Hands Writes
Body Movements Concrete learning situations and active, direct participation
Body Movements High activity level; can stay still for short periods
Body Movements Need ample opportunity for activity of many kinds, especially large muscles
Body Movements Whole body involved in whatever he does
Body Movements/Locomotion Large muscles better developed than small ones
Locomotion Tide two-wheel bike
Talking/Communication Average number of words is 2,562
Talking/Communication  Generalizes; categorizes, creates broad subsets, groups numbers
Talking/Communication Help in developing acceptable manners and habits
Talking/Communication Uses 5-6 word sentences
Sleeping 11-12 hours of sleep needed
Auditory Rhythm and tonality established
Auditory Sound recognition
Visual Sight recognition
Attachment Significant relations center around neighborhood and school
Emotional  Boastful
Emotional  Boys' and girls' interests beginning to differ
Emotional Can delay gratification
Emotional  Dream vs. Reality
Emotional  Enjoys sex roles and gender identification
Emotional  Feels remorse and guilt
Emotional Friends; by end of period a best friend
Emotional Has difficulty making decision
Emotional Inconsistent level of maturity: often less mature at home than with outsiders
Emotional Industrious, but still anxious
Emotional Jealous of same sex
Emotional  Less cooperative
Emotional Makes up rules
Emotional Much spontaneous dramatization
Emotional Needs to save face
Emotional Relates to self and others; social sharing
Emotional Self-assertive
Emotional Sense of justice
Emotional Some responsibilities, but without pressure or complicated decision
Emotional Still egocentric; self-directed rather than other-directed
Emotional Wants to be first
Emotional/Attachment Needs encouragement, ample praise, warmth and great patience from adults
Emotional/Attachment Wise supervision with minimal interference
Emotional/Temperament Aggressive
Emotional/Temperament Keenly competitive
Emotional/Temperament Relatively short periods of interest
Imitation Imitates; copies
Imitation Wants a model to copy
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