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Milestones of Development

Milestones of Development 3 Months

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This is how you as a parent can make your child smarter.

Area of Development Skill Level Play Activity
Hands Bats at objects String colorful toys across baby’s vision
Hands Holds and shakes rattle Hold your hand over baby’s
Hands Holds hands open, closes loosely Play games e.g., “Open, Shut Them”
Hands Holds hands open, closes loosely Wrap baby’s hand; massage hands
Hands Open grasp most of time Massage fingers, tabs, tips, nails
Hands Pulls at clothes Let baby feel clothes when dressing
Hands Pulls at clothes Put baby on your shoulder
Hands Purposeful active grasp and shake String colorful toys across baby’s vision
Hands Purposeful active grasp and shake Sit baby on lap to hold objects and look
Hands Uses thumb opposition Put baby’s thumb in his mouth
Body Asymmetrical tonic neck reflex weaker Lay objects by his outstretched hand
Body Holds head steady when sitting; looking around Stroke his head, ears, hair
Body Holds up longer when siting Move baby into swing or jump seat
Body Lags only slightly when pulled to sitting Play “Row, Row”
Body Lifts head and chest off floor Give baby space to “practice” head lift
Body Lifts head to 9 degrees; looks around Put baby on foam mattress or floor
Body Slight head lag when pulled to sitting Gently raise and lower baby’s chin
Body Stronger righting reaction of head Gently raise and lower shoulders
Body Tonic grasp gone Give baby’s arms gentle massage
Body Weaker moro reflex Raise and lower baby’s arms and shoulders
Head Lifts head and chest off floor Show object or make noise to get head and chest off floor
Head Lifts head to 90 degrees and looks around Make a “loud noise” above baby’s head
Head Lifts head to 90 degrees and looks around Hold toys at 90 degree level for baby to track
Head When sitting holds head steady and looks Hold baby steady on lap to encourage looking
Locomotion Bears small amount of weight Over knees “tilt” baby’s feet toward ground
Locomotion Bears small amount of weight Hold trunk, lift to reach hanging toy, lower
Locomotion Rolls to side Use flashlight or shiny toy to encourage rolling
Locomotion Starts to “belly crawl” Bring bright toy near baby to encourage crawling
Locomotion Starts to “belly crawl” and flipping over Put baby prone over your knees
Posture Back rounded when sitting Massage baby’s trunk and shoulders
Posture Legs flexed, no balance, when sitting Sit baby on lap facing front
Posture Less flexion in prone Play “swimming” movements with baby
Posture Puts weight on forearms, head up Put fuzzy animal in front of face
Posture Symmetrical or reciprocal kicking Practice “swimming” motion
Speech Alert expression Play “Peek-a-boo”; make vibration noises
Speech Can imitate other people’s expressions Use tongue and lip movements
Speech Chuckles and coos Hold baby up to mirror or window
Speech Imitates sounds Use “th”, “m”, “g”, “st” sounds
Speech Makes many vocal noises having phonetic dimensions Whistle, blow, splubber
Speech Talks to any visual and auditory stimuli Hold baby face forward as you walk
Speech Uses 2 non-speech syllables Imitate baby’s sounds
Speech Vocalizes feeling of pleasure in response to stimuli Hug, praise, tell baby “good”
Auditory Turns head to localize sound Sound bell for baby to localize in different area
Tactile Active tongue movement Watch for tongue movement and baby’s anticipation
Tactile Anticipates food in feeding Address baby about eating
Tactile Anticipates food in feeding Use your own noise when baby sees food
Visual Eyes follow object in all planes Track foil ball in all directions
Visual Follows dangling toy up string Follow pull toy up string
Visual Follows moving object at 180 degrees horizontal Track pen flashlight 180 degrees across
Visual Holds and looks at rattle Let baby hold rattle alone
Visual Looks at own hand Attach cloth hairbands to hand for regard
Visual Looks from dangling ring to string Let baby be alone for a short time
Visual Prefers to look side to side Shine flashlight on wall
Visual Pursues objects 180 degrees Offer baby choice of toys
Visual Regards own hands spontaneously Move fingers to baby’s mouth
Visual Uses prompt visual regard Give baby red and shiny objects
Social Indifferent to strangers Hand baby “off” to several people
Social Laughs out loud Test baby’s sense of humor
Social Uses a spontaneous social smile Smile and talk
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