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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce My Self An IntroductionParent Training for Child Development

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Susan Turben began to observe young children in her work as a director of Christian Education. She developed a special concern for the young child in the inner-city environment. Beginning with independent studies, supplemented by degree work at Empire State College, she has become very knowledgeable about infancy research and child development. She began her action program of parent education in downtown Albany, New York with four families in 1968. By 1970 she was training others to assist in home visitation and, at the time, incorporated the CRP publication, Let Me Introduce My Self, in her training. In this workshop she describes this program of parent training for child development.

What is cheap, preventative, and works? Parent Training For Child Development! My intent is not to talk in riddles, but to provide a glimpse into parent education, parent power, and how children learn – a package of information and home education which combines learning and life.

During the past fifteen years, I have taken every opportunity to observe very young children, initially, as the director of Christian Education for 400 infants through eight-year-olds, then as mother and admirer of three interesting children and as teacher and friend to many preschoolers and their parents in Albany’s South End and Arbor Hill areas, known for their low socio-economic status. What I have seen has given me a point of view about parents and poverty in relation to education and the development of unique human beings.

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