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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me Introduce Myself Yan

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Father, Costa, mother

English speaking family relocated - October 23, 2007

Observation of Yan:

Yan is a pleasant, sporty-looking, curly-haired boy of two years 10 months, who is developing normally and achieving all the toddler milestones at the proper time in development. The observer feels Yan will be an excellent teacher, at age two, helping other children with less control to do many things like physical exercise and game-playing.

Yan is a well-mannered toddler who exhibits social and emotional skills like saying please and thank you and offering to help other children with help from his father and mother. He will be a behavioral role model for the other children, as well. He will need to have times when he is separated from the babies, so teachers should remember to ask him when he wants to play ball or play games with Sonja when he needs a break.

For example, he asks his father if they can play ball in the hall, but before he goes with his father, he smiles at the observer. Because of his athletic ability and his ability to engage in pretend play with toys, it will be a good experience for him to use the classroom full of toys and good for him to make social contacts with children and other adults.

The observer recommends classroom teachers use Yan as a special “friend” whom the teacher talks to in Russian and, takes on little trips around the room, naming objects and naming children, so he can make “friends.” It would also be important that the teachers have circle time, with singing games and activities that happen at a certain time during the classroom visit on the days when Yan comes to Hesed. He needs to have as much to do and as much of a role as he can handle. He is special and the observer hopes he continues to come. She will enjoy getting to know Yan better in April when she returns.

Susan Turben

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