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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself 12 to 18 Months

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Let me introduce myself ... I am 12 - 18 months old and this is what I can do now:

  1. “I can point and babble "da", "ha" "ugh" "uh, oh" "all gone" and "wee."
  2. “I can shake, grab, insert, hold on, let's go, pick, pat, hide and find.”
  3. ‘I can stack, unstack, twirl, drop, gaze, push, raise, lower, roll, squeeze, scribble in the air, spit, stuff, suck, mouth and scream.”
  4. “I can point and "talk", throw, push, pull, corral, drag, crush and retrieve.”
  5. “I can go backward then forward, throw over my shoulder, tug, lift, hit, poke, slap and pull.”
  6. “I can grab a hand to lead, raise hands, tug, sweep off, stack up and unstuck.”
  7. “I can come back, hide, find and runaway.”
  8. “I can pretend to sleep, feed "baby," and read a book.”
  9. “I can pretend to talk on phone, sing a song, dance, knock someone down and get up.”

Here are some ideas and thoughts of a 12-18 month old:

  1. “I believe exactly what I see, I think about what I see and hear.
  2. I reinvent objects each time they appear.”
  3. “I see objects as "new" each time.”
  4. “I have a constant image of a disappearing object, if I see it disappear.”
  5. “I know what senses I'm using when I change from one another (sight, sound, smell, taste, touch).”
  6. “I see objects as part of me, an extension of myself, attached to me.
  7. “I think about two objects at one time, jointly.”
  8. “I search for and find objects mind as well as actually looking for them.”
  9. “I think of locating objects even if hidden from my view.”
  10. “I give objects away expecting them to come right back.”
  11. “I find objects' parts and move them.”
  12. “I point, gesture, and name objects and find hidden objects whether I see them disappear or not.”
  13. “I pretend with real, unambiguous objects and I hold on to them.”

Age appropriate toys for children 12-18 months old:

Sorters; Stackers; balls; Toy Work bench; Play Telephone; Dolls; push-pull toys; containers; blocks that “sit-in” vehicles; toys or strings or ropes to pull.

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