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Let Me Introduce Myself

Let Me Introduce Myself 4 to 7 Months

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Let me introduce myself .. I am 4-7 months old and this is how I move and use my body:

  1. “I'm so smart I use a shaky reach, but I am more aware that I want objects if they are colorful, shiny or food. “
  2. “I kick and push with my legs to make me move faster, and change directions.”
  3. “I grasp with one arm extended, other arm bent in a "fencing" position.”

Here are some ideas and thoughts of a 4-7 month old:

  1. “I reach out and grasp colorful objects.”
  2. “I can hold an idea in my mind; I cry if I don't get a change of position.”
  3. “I use my heels to push off and toes to flip over.”
  4. “I roll side-to-side and over to see more and recognize objects and people.”
  5. “I think about how to make things happen.”
  6. “I cry to make others aware I am "there."
  7. “I like to feel comfortable and repeat sounds and movements that are pleasurable.”
  8. “I feel the need to be sitting and pulling myself up holding hands.”

Age appropriate toys for infants 4-7 months old:

Exersaucer; Activity Mat; Cloth Books; Activity Box with Mirror; any toy that has edges like a clutch ball or yarn ball or rattle, which infants can grasp.

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