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Marshmallow Snowman

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You can be creative and use differed sized marshmallows or just the big marshmallows. You can use whatever you have at home that is edible and fun to make your snowman.

You will need per snowman:

2 or 3 marshmallows for the body

2 small pretzel  or tooth picks sticks for arms

1 Hershey kiss or peppermint or candy for the hat  - I used a bugle chip

1 fruit rollup or skinny rope licorice for the scarf

2 mini chocolate chips for the eyes – I used mini chocolate chips for eyes and mouth

Whatever candy toppings for ice cream you have will work great for the mouth and candy nose.

First use a toothpick to hold the hat the two marshmallows together. Stick in your arms and scarf and decorate face of snowman. 

Sometimes slightly melting the object will make them stick to each other better

I used marshmallow crème for the glue to hold everything together.

Have Fun!!!!!

Ask Dr. Susan