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Hopscotch – Everyone knows how to play hopscotch.  Make three squares vertically then two squares horizontally and three squares vertically.  Number the squares 1 through 8.  Each person throws a stone on 1 and skips over the number your stone is on.  Hop on one foot to two and three then both feet on 4 and 5 then one foot on 7, 8 and 9.  The next turn throw the rock on 2 and skip over that and so on and so on until you are up to the number 8.

City Map – Draw an entire city with roads, buildings and parking lots.  Take up the entire driveway and then take your bikes and try to drive through the city and stop at all the stop signs and park your vehicle.  Kids have fun for hours creating then playing in their make believe chalk city.

4 Square – Draw four very large squares in a large square.  Each person stands in one of the boxes and bounces the ball into another square.  The ball can only bounce in someone’s square once and you can’t hold onto the ball you must hit the ball to another square without going out of the box.  If you let it bounce twice or miss the ball or send it out of bounds you are out of the game until there is only one person remaining.

Chalk Contest – pick a subject then have everyone have their own area where they will draw and color their best version of (i.e. garden, storm, flowers, trees, people, etc.).  Have a neutral party pick the winner or better yet everyone is a winner in this fun game.  You can also put a time limit on how long they have to draw and color.

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