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Let Me Introduce My Language Development As A Toddler

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I am celebrating my toddlerhood by saying my first comprehensible words. Being a unique child, mine is "dog." Now that takes brains. I also say "ma" and "dadadada." I say "dada" for everything, even food and diapers. I have a friend who says a-gone, whoa, and so big. These are exciting words because they get me all kinds of attention. I think I have done pretty well to learn to walk and say "dog" in just a few months. The fuss my parents made over it the first time I said it, you would have thought I had rewritten the dictionary. Well, I am able to almost get out several more words and I am a babbling chatter-box. I can babble and repeat sounds and words even when I'm alone in my crib when I think no one is listening.


I have some other forms of expressive "jargon," with which I can get clear messages to people. All I have to do is to point or moan, cry, or whine, and I get what I want. I can understand spoken sentences a lot better if people use pointing and nodding, along with their words. "Put the cup on the table" may sound simple enough to you, but I can understand it better with gestures. You know, that ought to be a lesson to Mom and Dad. If we all point and gesture and talk at the same time I can follow directions and stay in control much better.

Now that I am beginning to talk, I want to influence people. I will raise and lower my voice, and change the pitch of my sounds. I can really yell and stomp and throw myself on the floor. Mom and Dad can help me communicate better than that, by ignoring me and telling me they will wait till I stop before coming to be with me. Stay away when I'm having a fit because I'm just not very sociable that way. I particularly like certain words and I don't like others. Did you notice? I like "good for you," and "good job," and I like lots of praise. They say that in a few months I will be using two words together and saying "strings" of sounds like "round-n-round" and "hiding" and "ma gone." I can't wait to tell people what's on my mind with words and sentences.

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