Annie Talks - The Horton Family Story

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Annie talks: I wish Melissa didn’t live here. Mom and Dad think she’s special. Mom won’t let her cut her hair because it’s so pretty. I get my hair cut all the time. I’ve even cut it myself! Dad won’t take me on the bike because I might let go. My teacher this year is okay. He likes the way I read. Last year it was hard to even remember the letters. I still can’t always remember all the colors. I forget what they are called. I wish that I didn’t have to wear glasses. Sometimes the kids make fun of me. But I saw a picture of the mom that had me in her stomach and she had on glasses. I hope she comes to visit, maybe she could stay here. I’d let her share my room. When I was little everything seemed okay. My mom always dressed me up and I was real cute. When I started school I hated when mom left me there. The teachers were always playing with the other kids. I wanted them to play with me. I even kicked one teacher, I was so mad. My mom probably already told you. She likes to tell stories about how bad I can be.

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