Carol Talks - Horton Family Story

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Carol talks: I wanted three or four kids, so did Bud. I had a miscarriage before I had Melissa and three after. The doctors told me not to even try again. I was really heartbroken. Bud seemed to be okay with it. Melissa was always real close to her dad

Bud’s 16 year old niece got pregnant when she was 15, her and the baby’s father are real slow. I think she’s retarded. Anyway, Bud’s sister was going to raise the baby, but she got killed in a car accident before the baby was born. The baby was about four months old when the problems started. I offered to take the baby. I kept her on and off for a month. When DHS decided to take the baby, we became the foster parents. Bud wanted them to find someone outside the family to adopt her, but I put my foot down. She was his niece and how could he not want her? She was so tiny. The DHS worker said she might have problems later. I thought that I could take care of her and she’d be Okay. Bud agreed and I think he loves her. He definitely has more patience with her then I do. Of course, he just gets on his motorcycle and goes for a ride when he gets aggravated.

She has been kicked out of preschool for fighting and hurting the other kids. She even kicked the teacher. The teacher hit her back. I don’t blame her, she thought I was going to sue her or something. When Annie started school the trouble really started. She had a teacher that was too old to be teaching. They started talking about special education. Well, I told them that she was not riding the short bus! She was tested. I took her myself so I could get an impartial test results. That jerk said she had oppositional behavior disorder and was retarded. Well, I don’t know what OBD is but I know she’s not retarded. She’s just the most defiant stubborn child. They suggested family counseling, the therapist would come to the house to see us “interact”. I remember saying “I’m sorry but no kid is going to turn my life upside down.” What a laugh - now I’m taking her for counseling.

Melissa is never home because she can’t stand the fighting and Bud told the counselor that Annie is ruining our family. I don’t know what to do. I’m so fed up I wish they’d all disappear. Really, when the DHS worker said she might have problems, I had no idea what she meant. She even told me there were places that I could call. I didn’t think I needed any help. Melissa turned out okay.

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