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How to Make Children Feel Love & Support at Home & School

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As families struggle to organize their complicated lives, Susan wants to leave you with several ideas of how to make children feel supported both at home and at school.

  1. Find ways to compliment your children each day
  2. Have family meetings when children don't do what they know is expected of them and talk it over
  3. Offer your free time to play or do an activity, as a privilege that reminds them you love them
  4. And, importantly, train (force) yourself to stay home an hour more each week, realizing that free time to "hang out" and just be together sets the academic and developmental goals for your children higher, by virtue of the fact they can do whatever they want, ask questions, or just be alone or with friends. Let them decide. Avoid over programming your children. You will all be happier for it!
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