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Sibling Rivalry

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Your kids are constantly bickering, it’s increasing in its intensity, you are worried it may come to physical blows…..Well stop right there and take a stand.  It’s normal for kids of different ages to become jealous over their siblings but if it is starting to stress your family out it’s time to make a change. I’ve come up with some ideas you can try:

  1. You can set up an area where the kids can air their grievances.  Make a time each night for them to get it out.  You’ll be surprised how little they actually do have to fight over. 
  2. Have each child switch jobs for a week and see how the other child does.  It will give them a different perspective.
  3. Remember they way you and our spouse resolve issues is a role model for your children.  Use kind words and respect your partner.
  4. Never compare your children to each other.
  5. Let children settle their own disputes if possible.
  6. Identify with your children’s anger.  Understanding their frustration.
  7. Try not to take sides.
  8. Separate the children if it becomes violent.

Teaching your children to get along with each other sets them up for better relationships later in life. Susan says have family meetings and please and thank you are only a drop in the bucket.  You can take or leave my advice but it’s all about making children take responsibility for their actions and avoid rescuing children and work as a tem a responsible team. Always remember no, hitting, no yelling just move away.

Thanks Dr. Susan

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