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The Truth About Bullying

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This is the truth about cyber bullying, this is time to talk to parents and confront the uneasy truth about adult, parental, familial and useful responsibility for child behavior and on line habits!  Believe me, it is your parental duty as a parent to stop the insanity of children hurting children, teens hurting teens, adults thinking cyber-shots are funny, cute or clever. …Parents and caring adults are in charge…not children, not teens, not aunt Mary, parents are in charge …… parents are the solution and the problem, and need to take a stand, taking simple steps and interfere in the lives your children …because if you don’t, you are contributing to the rage expressed on line by kids and youth.  You say nothing, you are as guilty as they are! The words and deeds out or your mouths are the words and deeds in printed smack on the warheads of those children you nurture.

If you see even one word or violent verbal expression created by your child or youth,  then you are hereby notified that  you as a family have failed your responsibility and you may want to read Jim Barbarino and Claire Bedard’s book, Parents’ Under Siege!  If you are a mother or father or caring adult or whether or not you are a parent at all, you are responsible for your kids,  their actions and especially how they treat other people.  You steer the ship, so plan for the families future and do it early in the lives of your offspring …

Start at the latest around the ages of  three or four,  that’s right three or four and have a family meeting!  Treat your kids as mini-grownups and let them tell you what they think.   Establish with your children  your parental house rules.   Be sure to include words like helping, not doing chores, and cooperating by  being a family that looks out for each other! 

The earlier this simple family meeting step is accomplished the better chance you have that that your kids make it to adult hood as decent and civil people …

To stop cyber-antics , parents or family members older and more experienced, must become...... family rule-makers,  organizers,  ritual-makers, personal examples of decent and kind behavior.  Oh, you don't think kids notice?  Too busy with their own lives?  Not at all!  They watch and talk behind your back and downgrade parental leadership, but what they see is what they do!   What kids see every day and since sponges are a good example of a teen’s brain, you are on stage 24-7 in the early years of childhood, middle childhood, early adulthood or teenage years.

Anybody who gets to be fifteen and can’t tell me the house rules, the personalities of family members, the way they function as a  household, I know am in for long-term difficult learning process ….Any responsible adult-parent that spends less than an hour every day in the sight or  proximity of their kids doesn’t know what is going on and needs to find out. 

Hire a body guard if you feel you are too busy to take care of your own kids, any age, and hope to heaven that person has ideas and values worth dying for!  What do you think the army,  navy, air force or marines have camps for?  To see how each and every young adult has been raised..that’s what!  When recruits  show up, they have to find out fast the personalities and temperaments,  home-based skills they are bringing to the military.  All they have to do is observe the soldier’s reaction to taking orders to know who his equipped to listen and take orders and who isn’t.   Loud-mMore to finish but this is a start…what does it need? 

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