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About Nine or Ten

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About Nine or Ten

Physical Development:

  • Slow, steady growth continues; girls forge further ahead. Some children reach the plateau preceding the preadolescent growth spurt.
  •  Lungs, as well as digestive and circulatory systems almost mature. Heart especially subject to strain
  • Teeth may need straightening. First and second bicuspids appearing.
  • Eye-hand coordination good. Ready for crafts & shop work.
  • Eyes almost adult size. Ready for close work with less strain.

Characteristic Behavior

  • Decisive, responsible, dependable, reasonable, strong sense of right and wrong.
  • Individual differences distinct, abilities apparent
  • Capable of prolonged interest. Often makes plans and goes ahead on his own.
  • Gangs strong, of short duration and changing membership. Limited to one sex.
  • Perfectionistic; wants to do well but loses interest if discouraged or pressured
  • Interested less in fairy tales and fantasy, more in his community and country and in other countries and people.
  • Loyal to his country and proud of it.
  • Spends a great deal of time in talk and discussion.
     Often outspoken and critical of adults, although still dependent on adult approval.
  • Frequently argues over fairness in games.
  • Wide discrepancies in reading ability.

Special Needs:

  • Active, rough and tumble play.
  • Friends and membership in a group.
  • Training in skills, but without pressure.
  • Books of many kinds, depending on individual reading level and interest.
  • Reasonable explanations without talking down.
  • Definite responsibility.

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