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Six to Ten Year Old Developmental Play and Recommended Toys

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Six Years Old

  1. Takes more active part in reading.
  2. He may “read” stories from memory as though he were really reading the printed page aloud.
  3. Recognizes single words in books and magazines.
  4. Daily comics and comic books telling about animals are beginning to make a steady in-read into his life

Seven year Old

  1. Enjoys reading those portions of stories which are within his ability.
  2. Boys interested in army-navy stories, and books on airplanes, electricity, earth and nature.
  3. Girls choose such books as Heidi.

Eight year Old

  1. Enjoys reading spontaneously.
  2. Still enjoys being read to.
  3. Enjoys hearing classics of childhood.
  4. Interested in books of travel, geography, and far away times and places.
  5. Comic books are still favorites, they are collected, borrowed and hoarded.
  6. Still likes the animal and slap-stick comics.
  7. Beginning to branch out into the blood and thunder type.
  8. Likes to look at pictorial magazines and catalogues.

Nine Year Old

  1. They are great readers at this age and may even appear to be living in the book world.
  2. The books he likes, he reads over and over again.
  3. Very fond of animal stories.
  4. Repeated favorites are Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, King Arthur and Bambi.
  5. Biographies, mysteries and the encyclopedia or reference all interest him.
  6. Fond of comic books which deal with adventure, war, and slap-stick, domestic humor.
  7. Is not so fanatical about reading comic books and will accept other books.

Suggested list of toys for early childhood:

Six to Ten Years

  1. Development of Physical Strength and Skill - Gym Equipment, Jungle Gym, Ring Toss Games, Archery with Rubber, Tipped Arrows, Croquet, Hoops, Tops to Spin, Kites, Jump Ropes, Marbles, Ball and Jack Set, Stilts, Sleds, Skis, Woodworking
  2. Develop Constructive and Creative Play - Metal and Wood Construction Sets, Picture Puzzles (12 pieces and over), Modeling Wax and Clay, Paper Craft Materials, Felt-O-Grams, Construction Blocks (complicated), Leatherwork, Model Airplanes
  3. Develop Dramatic and Imitative Play - Circus Sets, Toy Theater, Puppets and marionettes, Toy Greenhouse, Play Stories, Cash Register, Boats, Dolls and Paper Dolls, Doll Houses, Families of Small Dolls, Doll Trunks, etc., Costumes
  4. Social Development - National Costume Dolls, Games Such as Parchesi, Games of Checkers, etc., Ping-Pong, Bean Bag, Ring Toss, Tiddliewinks, Card Games, Marble Games
  5. Artistic Development, Arts and Crafts - Painting Sets, Weaving Sets, Sewing Sets, Modeling Clay, Bead Looms, Xylophone, Drums, etc., Pot Holders, Linoleum Block Print, Wood Flowers Over Cardboard, Tapestry, Colonial Mats, Crepe Paper Dolls
  6. Educational Stimulation - Map Puzzles, Lotto, or Keeno, Dominoes, Blackboard and Crayons, Counting Games, Puzzle Games, Puzzle Clock, Printing Sets, Desk and Chair Play, Books
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