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Top Ten Ideas to Help You Work With Families

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  1. Listen - it's just as easy to listen as it is to hear
  2. Give understandable information
  3. Realize that sometimes what you need to tell parents is hard for them to hear.
  4. Inform families what their rights are, what appropriate services look like - families have to know what to advocate for.
  5. View the child in the context of the family, not the family in the context of the child's disability.
  6. Support family decision - even if you don't agree
  7. Provide services now
  8. Support parent to parent groups and activities
  9. Advocate for children within the system that you work
  10. Be hopeful with families in their realization about their child's future. Dreaming is part of having a family. "Systems don't bleed, families and children do" (parent)
    "I never heard of a goal or outcome from a parent that was unrealistic - I only didn't know how to teach or how to accomplish that goal." (teacher)
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